Baby Travel Bag: Keep Little Hands and Minds Entertained In The Car


How many bags does a travelling baby need?

I’ll tell you how many:  NINE!

We are off to see some friends in Bristol this weekend, and, in between the usual baby activities and chores, I have been trying to prepare.  It will be T’s first trip over night somewhere so it is an unknown for me, and I want to make absolutely sure that we have everything we need, without ending up bringing the whole of his nursery with us.  I didn’t think, in my wildest dreams, that I would be packing nine bags.  But I do like to have everything separate because I feel more organised this way. Here are the nine bags I packed in the end:

1  a changing bag – for changing mat, nappies, muslins, wipes, the usual!

2  a bath bag – towel, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, body lotion, hairbrush, rubber duck, bath book

3  a spare clothes bag

4  a bed bag – with all of his bedding in, his baby  monitor, two books and two cuddly toys from his cot ( recommended by a friend to not use clean bedding, so their travel cot smells familiar)

5  a snack/lunch bag – for snacks and water in the car

6  a meals bag – bibs, beaker, spoon, Tupperware and wipes

7  a first aid bag (well, technically a box) – savlon, forehead thermometer, calpol, plasters, teething gel and ice pack

8  a play bag – for a playmat and toys to play with when we arrive

and – finally – my new idea:


This bag is a new one for me – and WAY more fun to make than the rest.  I came up with it in response to a friend’s request for ideas to entertain babies in the car.  And what a useful and practical request to make.  It is hard being stuck in a car seat for a long time – even for us adults.  So it must be even harder for little ones, who have no control over the situation and no idea how long they will be sat there for.

What entertains babies? I thought to myself.

Things to hold and play with in their little hands, things to look at and things to listen to (I answered myself!).  So I just got together a load of bits and bobs from around the house and popped them in this little bag – it’s a bag that used to hold his squishy cubes. I have been saving it for a while now – so happy I’ve found a use for it!

Here is what I have put in:

a rattle, a squeaky toy, a teether, a little book, a finger puppet, two bits of small duplo (the one-block ones – he likes to pull them apart) a mirror, a toy car with a little crane that lifts up, a little cow whose body you can twist and click

I have chosen things that are:

  • small
  • have different qualities
  • have the novelty factor (haven’t been played with for a while)

I am pretty pleased with the little bag and I think it will prevent T from having any travel-related meltdowns.  Although I think Daddy will probably have his own melt-down when he sees all the stuff we have to fit into our tiny boot!  Will let you know how successful it was when I return…

Have you made similar travel play bags?  What did you put in them? Do you know of any other ways of keeping LOs entertained in traffic jams?  Post or comment on my Facebook page or below on this blog.  Would love to hear from you!

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