Cardboard Tube Ramps


This is a teeny tiny post to follow up on my Investigating Ramps post.  We received a cardboard tube when I ordered something from Amazon and cut it up to create this brilliant ramp!  It is definitely our Activity Of The Week.  Having said that, I think it will remain popular for quite a while to come.

One tip I’ve got if you do this, is to connect the middle by sliding one half a bit up the other half – if that makes sense?  This makes it stronger in the middle and less likely to bend when your little one puts pressure on it.

I hope we get another of these so we can have races!

Here’s a quick list of what T has been testing in his very serious scientific ramp investigations: cars, balls, wooden animals, wooden shapes, remote controls, blocks, his bottle, his apple, some musical instruments!

One thought on “Cardboard Tube Ramps

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