Sparkly White Clay Christmas Baubles


Ever since I mentioned this wonderful tutorial from The Imagination Tree on my Facebook page, I have been wanting to post my verdict on the recipe and the result.

And the verdict is…


  1. It is EASY TO MAKE – takes about 10 minutes and uses easy to find ingredients, a pan, a spoon and a hob
  2. It is CHEAP
  3. It is HASSLE-FREE –  the clay can be air-dried, so no need to keep checking the oven whilst changing nappies etc.!
  4. It is SAFE and even – EDIBLE – all of the ingredients are completely harmless to babies (unless they have a specific allergy)
  5. It LASTS – I made a batch, cut some decorations, then had to go on an errand.  I covered it in cling film and, when I came back to it 4 days later, it will still beautifully pliable.
  6. It is VERSATILE – you can adapt the appearance of the clay by adding food colouring or glitter, and of course you can use whatever shape cutter you fancy.  The Imagination Tree use some really gorgeous deer and snowflake cutters.
  7. It is NATURALLY SPARKLY – because of the soda crystals, when it dries, it has a subtle sparkle to it – making it perfect for Christmas decorations!  The photos above do not show the sparkles really – dodgy camera and lighting are to blame!

The above photo shows one of the baubles we made.  I decided to let T have a play with the dough, then make marks into star shapes I had cut out.  He wasn’t too interested in playing with the dough, or in having his fingers pressed in.  He preferred to use his knuckles and the legs on a little wooden pig he owns to make marks – so we have some very unique stars hanging on our tree!  It’s so nice to have something he has made his mark on.

I highly recommend this as a Christmas activity for a child of any age – it’s going to be on my activity list every year now!  I am going to be making some more with my niece and some friends’ babies next week and I will post those up too on my Facebook page.

Have you made this dough before?  If you have, I would love to share your tips or pictures.  Just comment here with your experiences or include your email if you have pictures to share.

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