A Father’s Perspective on Picture Books



After a cold, dark, sleep-deprived Christmas (our town suffered two power cuts), I am really in the mood for a little fun and silliness and general cheering up.  Having no light and no heat (as we have no fireplace) made me feel decidedly UN-Christmassy.  And having no TV over Christmas was positively torturous.

So here is a mini post to spread a bit of laughter and good cheer to you all.  It is a little collection of Daddy’s amusing comments, made whilst reading from T’s expanding library of picture books.  Hope they make you smile as much as they did me.

1.  That’s Not My Dragon

“I think the ‘That’s Not My’ series encourage discrimination.  They may as well be saying: That’s Not My Friend…he’s too ginger'”.

2.  Peepo

Me: “Can you see the little dog behind the fence?”

Daddy: “Can you see the ominous signs of impending war in the background?”

3.  Fox’s Socks

Daddy: “Why are Fox’s clothes all deposited around the house, in random places?”

Me: “Yes, he really ought to be better at tidying up, oughtn’t he, daddy?”

Daddy: “Hmmm…I think Fox had a big night out last night.  Perhaps he was at Postman Bear’s (book in the same series) birthday party and had a bit too much to drink!”

4.  Goodnight Moon

Me: ” Where is the old lady?  She’s not sitting in her rocking chair anymore. Where do you think she is?  Perhaps she’s gone to bed”.

Daddy: Mimes cutting his own throat and mouths: “dead”.

Hope you enjoyed those :).  Please do share any of your own uniquely adult perspectives on familiar children’s books.  I could do with some more laughs!

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