How Do I Look?


Welcome to the new-look Play It Again Site!  I’m very happy to be back :-).  It’s been tricky doing all this tech-y stuff and I can’t say I have done it amazingly well, but I hope that the site is a bit fresher, easier for you to navigate and easier to share.

I Heart Your Comments Big Time

If you have any comments on how it could be more reader-friendly, on the colour scheme, suggestions for content or absolutely anything, I am always happy to hear from you and will answer you as soon as I can.  Do let me know if there are any links not working too – I have tried my best at all this computer stuff but it’s not really my thing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few teething problems.

I know how busy you all must be, so commenting should be super-easy: just one click into the form below, type your comment and you’re done.  I will always reply as quickly as I can and will never share your details with anyone.  Once again, thank you all for being so patient with me, and I look forward to hearing from you with any thoughts on the new site.

Twitter and Pinterest –

I have joined Twitter for the first time ever – I don’t know how it has taken me so long!  So if you are a Twitter Fan, you can follow me on there (just click on the link on the right-hand side of any page on my site) – I will be posting links to any new posts up there as well as on Facebook.  I have also been collecting play ideas on Pinterest.  So if you’re on there, check out my boards (click on the link as above for Twitter) for some inspiration.  There are only a couple at the moment, but I will  be adding some new ones over the next few weeks. It’s been so much fun exploring Pinterest again – loving it!

Next Post Tomorrow!

While I have been developing the site, I have been writing a bit, albeit with the haste and efficiency of a fat snail.  (But you all know what that third trimester does to one’s energy levels and general competence…so I am hoping you will understand if the writing at the moment isn’t perfect!)

Look out for my first post tomorrow on Twitter, Facebook, or in your inbox if you are a subscriber.  It will be Wheely Fun (the clue is in the name haha).

Marianne x


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