15 Fun Ways To Play on a Rainy Day!

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Boy is it WET outside today. But every rainy day is an opportunity for fun, play and learning in my book! I found myself trying to come up with a quick list of ideas for activities for T and then I thought I may as well share them with you! So here is a super-quick post of indoor and outdoor rainy day activities that I have literally written over breakfast (so sorry for lack of photos and shoddy punctuation – will tidy up later!) . Hope you find it useful :-).

1. Make some playdough! Recipe here: http://www.k-3teacherresources.com/play-dough-recipe.html

2. Get out some paints and paper and have fun getting messy! Splatter painting makes great “rainy” pictures (flicking paint-filled brushes with fingers). Athough this may be best done outside!

3. Take rubber ducks and boats to the park and float in puddles šŸ™‚

4. OR (for older kids) make some boats and float. Foil makes great instant boats. Otherwise, plastic tubs from the recycling box. Supply older kids with a range of materials to make their boats.
Go outside with your boats and some little plastic people/animals and test them for a simple scientific experiment. Which floats the best? Why? Which holds the most animals? (If you have the book Mr Gumpy’s Outing, this is a great one to read before you go out!)

5. Get your wellies on, go on a Puddle Hunt and have a good old splash in some puddles!

6. Raid the recycling box and larder and make some simple shakers out of plastic bottles and pasta/rice

7. Sing some favourite songs with your homemade instruments

8. OR try YouTube for some new songs. We like Barefoot Books Songs (type into youtube) – they are great for actions and getting some of that energy out!

9. Make an obstacle course inside using cushions, boxes, tables, blankets. Combinations of Cushions and plastic boxes make great ramps, stepping stones and balance beams. Tables and blankets or blankets over the back of a sofa make great tunnels :-).

10. Read a book about minibeasts or look at some on google images together. Go outside on a minibeast hunt and take photos with your phone. Come back inside and talk about what you found. For older kids – draw pictures of them and label. Or make a paper plate minibeast (ladybirds, snails and spider paper plate crafts can all be found on the internet easily) using paints/collage pieces.
For toddlers, have them find the minibeasts in the photos on google images or in your mini-beasts book!

11. Duplo/Lego: give them an age appropriate challenge (build a tower of 3 bricks, build a dinosaur/fighter jet/number 6)

12. Get out the puzzle box and reward with stickers/treats/marbles towards a treat for completed puzzles!

13. Get out some clothes for your toddler to dress up in. Hats, scarves , glasses and shoes are the most fun. Then get out the camera and get some snaps to save for their wedding day speech!

14. Go to the library and find some information books or stories about wet weather. take home, snuggle up in your cosy book corner (or build a den and read together!

15. Easy messy play: grab a large baking or serving tray. Pour some flour (or corn-flour and water to make GLOOP!) in and let them play. Add cars little people or cutlery and let them explore.

Right, must go and grab my wellies…we are gonna go for number 3, 5 and 14.
If you have any questions, just comment here – wrote in a rush so maybe haven’t been very clear.
Have a fun day everyone!


6 thoughts on “15 Fun Ways To Play on a Rainy Day!

    • I’m so glad you found it useful Mrs H, and thanks for taking the time to comment – makes my day! Hope you and your little one enjoyed your rainy day play :-). This hurried, unpolished post has been quite a popular one, so I think I will start putting together a more comprehensive, prettier list with some useful links…as soon as I’ve finished this cup of tea!

    • Thank you for your comment Ness. I am in AWE of your AMAZING blog, so you really have made my day writing this! And I totally agree with you – outdoor time is SO important for children. I remember there were some children I worked with who would have stayed outside all day, every day, no matter what the weather, if it were possible. I think we have a lot to learn from them :-).

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