8 Cute Things To Do With Your Toddler On Valentine’s Day


What do you do to celebrate Valentines Day with a toddler? I have just made a little list with a few last minute cute ideas here for you:

1. Read “Guess How Much I Love You”. If you don’t have the book, here is a lovely video of the book.

2. Sing Skinni Marinki.  I absolutely adore this song and  always sing it when T is under the weather or a bit sad to cheer him up.

3. Bake heart-shaped cookies

4. Or use a heart-shaped cutter to make heart pancakes! We are big pancake fans in this house so often do this with star-shaped cutters.

5. Make some Heart Art and give to Mummy/Daddy. If you want some ideas, check out my Pinterest board here.

6. Look at photos of family and friends and talk about how many people we love and who loves us.

7. Skype a family member with an “I love you” message

8. Send a video message by phone to a friend to show how much you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Marianne x

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