Five Of The Best Baby-Led Weaning Sites

baby-led weaning

I have never written about food before, as this isn’t really my specialist subject. But, however much of an amateur chef I am, I cannot deny that food has become one of *the* most important things in my life.  When it gets right down to it, feeding is basically our primary goal as mums.  Of course, we have to be and do sooooo many other things in this job, but our most important responsibility is to make sure our children are healthy and growing well, and the only way to do this is to FEED them!

I was always going to try weaning the baby-led way, because – let’s face it – BLW is the playful approach to weaning. After all, food is just like any other toy or object to a baby – a sensory delight, to be played with and explored with all of the senses.  Although I have to say I draw the line at yoghurt…

But it’s easier said than done coming up with simple, healthy baby-led meals when you are in the midst of life with two under-3s.  When I was weaning the first time around, I remember I came across some brilliant weaning blogs, and made a note of them. Now that I am weaning for the second time around, I am so happy to have found my notes!

And, since I have already done the research, I thought I would save you the trouble and share them here! I hope you find them as useful as I have :-).

1. Baby Lead The Way

This is an honest, realistic mum’s blog, charting her baby-led journey (with its ups and downs) with quick and easy ideas. I like the honesty of this blog, because it makes me feel less guilty about occasionally giving T and H the odd bit of adult cereal or convenience food! Come oooooon, we all do it, right?

2. Baby Led Weaning Ideas

This is another mum’s blog which makes for incredibly easy reading. She literally just has a running list of different food combos and recipes she’s tried that work. What I love about this blog is that she isn’t fussy. She is not a die-hard home-made food fanatic. Sometimes she includes things that are ready made, such as tortellini, but there is nothing wrong with that in my book. If I’ve learned anything from this BLW process, it’s that you can’t always make everything from scratch – and that’s OK! All her recipes are easy to understand and quick to make. I love this no-nonsense approach to recipe-writing.

3. BLW Recipes

This is a lovely, simple running list of recipes. It is nicely presented and easy to read. These recipes include a selection of interesting flavours and ingredients and they are all healthy and home-made, with no added sugar or salt.

4. Diary Of A First Child

Are you just starting out on your BLW journey? This site has a great list of first foods to try. I totally agree with this list and it is similar to one I wrote for a friend a while ago. She also has other recipes on there and tips on how to be organised with BLW. I also love her top ten reasons to do BLW. Brilliant!

5. My Lovely Little Lunchbox

This site has a clear explanation of BLW with some simple but interesting recipes underneath. A beautifully presented site, written by a mum. There is nothing I don’t like about this site!

There, those are my favourites. Have you found any others you like? Or do you have any BLW tips or simple recipes that have worked for you? Feel free to share below :-).

Bon Appetit!

Marianne x